Alex Large

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This toy was made specifically in memory of Alex the Grey. His love of corknuts (almonds), Birdie Bagels, wooden stars (he loved to chew the ends off), and plastic keys have all been incorporated to create this unique toy. The letters and numbers in this toy symbolize his intelligence.

The large version is made of three 3" Birdie Bagels that are strung together with natural 3/16" cotton rope. The top and bottom bagels each contain plastic baseballs. The top baseball laces twelve medium wooden spools and four Birdie Bagel Bites, eight plastic letters, and plastic chain together with 1/8" leather. The middle bagel contains four colorful wooden starts separated by elliptical shaped gumball beads. The bottom golf ball laces twelve almonds, four wooden stars, eight plastic keys and plastic chain together with 1/8" leather. The bottom of the toy has the signature 1" stainless steel O-ring with two stainless steel washers and a pacifier and the toy itself is hung with a 3.5mm stainless steel wide jaw quick link.

50% of all profits of this toy go directly back to The Alex Foundation to continue the research that Alex and Dr. Pepperberg started.

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