Four By Four

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Quick Link Choice
3.5mm Wide Jaw Stainless Steel Quick Link (+$2.50)
Large Nickel Plated Pear Link (+$0.50)
No Quick Link
Bead Type
Natural BB Bead (+$0.50)
Colored BB Bead (+$0.75)
Natural Barrel Bead (+$1.50)
Colored Barrel Bead (+$1.75)
Plastic Pony Beads (+$0.75)
Cord Type
Paper (+$0.75)
Hemp (+$0.75)
Poly Rope (+$0.25)
Leather (+$1.50)
Sisal (+$0.75)
Block Type
Natural Balsa 2"x1/4" Square (+$6.50)
Colored Balsa 2"x1/4" Square (+$6.75)
Natural 1.5"x1/4" Square (+$4.00)
Colored 1.5"x1/4" Square (+$4.25)
Natural 2"x4"x1/4" Rectangle (+$4.50)
Colored 2"x4"x1/4" Rectangle (+$4.75)
Natural 2"x4"x1/2" Rectangle (+$5.25)
Colored 2"x4"x1/2" Rectangle (+$5.50)
Natural 2"x4"x1" Rectangle (+$5.50)
Colored 2"x4"x1" Rectangle (+$5.75)

This simple toy has four separate strands and four blocks on each strand. Choose the block size, the cord type, and the bead type to create your very own toy. The picture shown is four 1.5"x1/4" squares on each strand with a natural BB bead and hemp as the cord type.

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