Maggie Mae's Fantastic Foraging Tube

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This toy was inspired by a little Goffin's Cockatoo who knew she could learn to play, will teach even the most ellusive of toy players that playing with toys can be fun!  We took a very big birdie bagel cave and drilled lots of holes into it.  From there, we took 1/8" leather and attached all sorts of different materials to the outside...plastic buttons, wooden beads, finger traps, cool plastic beads, even almonds that are drilled right before shipping...all to entice Polly to find out what kind of interesting textures are out there to play with!  The birdie bagel then sits on a large spin wheel, strung on 2mm stainless steel chain, but we didn't stop there!:)  Inside, are layers of jumbo beads and medium spin wheels that lead all the way to the top of the bagel and are then topped off with another large spin wheel.  The beauty of it all is that the spin wheels and jumbo beads on the inside make it the perfect place to add pistachios and other foraging items to keep Polly busy for hours at a time!  Our birds absolutely love it!

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