Mega Mother Lode

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3.5mm Wide Jaw Stainless Steel Quick Link (+$2.50)
Large Nickel Plated Pear Link (+$0.50)
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Plastic Beads (+$10.00)
Natural Wooden Beads
Colored Wooden Beads
Mix of Plastic and Colored Natural Beads (+$10.00)
Mix of Plastic and Natural Wooden Beads
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Poly Rope
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Poly Rope
Sisal (+$10.00)

Just like its smaller counterpart, the Sisal Mega Mother Lode is made up of pony beads or wood beads, hemp rope, plastic golfballs, all attached to a plastic baseball with sisal and large plastic beads but then we double the pleasure and add a second one to the mix! Our signature stainless steel O-ring, two stainless steel washers and pacifier dangle from the bottom and the whole kit and kaboodle is hung on 2mm stainless steel chain.

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