Original Mother Lode

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Bead Type
Plastic Beads (+$5.00)
Natural Wooden Beads
Colored Wooden Beads (+$5.00)
Mix of Plastic and Natural Wooden Beads
Mix of Plastic and Colored Natural Beads (+$5.00)
Cord Type
Poly Rope
Golf Ball Cord Attachment Type
Poly Rope
Sisal (+$5.00)
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3.5mm Wide Jaw Stainless Steel Quick Link (+$2.50)
Large Nickel Plated Pear Link (+$0.50)
No Quick Link

The Mother Lode now comes in plastic pony beads or in wood beads.  The base is a plastic baseball and connected to it is 12 plastic golf balls, all with untreated hemp rope knots and either plastic pony beads or 10mm wooden beads and small spools to keep those beaks busy.  Great for medium and large birds.  2mm chain, 3.5mm wide jaw quick link, and washers are all stainless steel.

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