Piece Shredder

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A shredding bird's dreams have come true with this toy.  We took a 7" birdie bagel and some Shredder's weaved palm fronds and covered the birdie bagel with them.  Around the edge of the birdie bagel, we also decorated it with small wooden bee hive beads and small wagon wheels and various plastic beads.  To hang it, we used a stainless steel eyelet and a lock nut, so that even the most mechanical of birdies couldn't just undo it and ruin the fun.  As a last and final touch, we added a bit of leather with some pony beads to the eyelet on the front and the back.  A little bit of easily destructible, a little bit of hard destructible, and a little bit of fairly indestructible all rolled into a lot of fun with various different textures will keep your bird busy for hours.

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